FDA Approval Status of Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture works with the idea that the body is filled with energy lines. When these lines are interrupted, the energy stagnates and illness can occur. By using acupuncture, the body can heal itself and begin to change the way it works. The FDA has approved acupuncture as a medical treatment, though studies are still pending for its use as an infertility treatment.

Using Acupuncture for Infertility

Many acupuncture practitioners recommend the acupuncture therapy for infertility. It is said that the correction of the energy flow allows for an easier conception, with or without other fertility treatments. Some suggest that the relaxing feeling of acupuncture allows a woman to relax during her attempts to become pregnant, helping to boost her odds.?

Now that acupuncture is no longer considered an experimental treatment by the FDA, as of 1996, using acupuncture is deemed safe for men and for women. Those women who are having troubles conceiving might try acupuncture after having no success with other conventional treatments.

While nothing is guaranteed, using acupuncture for infertility has become widely accepted and celebrated. By helping a woman restore her energy, the process of conception can become easier. Regular treatments are needed in order to provide the maximum results.

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