What You Need to Know Now That Youメre Pregnant

The first few weeks of any pregnancy are a mysterious and miraculous time. As soon as your baby is conceived, your body will begin supporting the new life and helping it to grow even before you are aware of it. But once you do know you?re pregnant, and in the weeks following, you should be prepared for both some new physical experiences and to begin incorporating lifestyle changes that will contribute to both your and your baby?s health.

Because your body?s circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and other systems are working hard to help your baby develop, certain symptoms are common in the first trimester of pregnancy, including:

  • Chronic periods of Nausea. These are common in the mornings, caused by hormonal changes, and may be managed by eating small, frequent meals throughout the day
  • Heartburn and Constipation. Because your digestive tract slows down so that more nutrients can be absorbed by the baby, these effects may occur and can be managed with diet and possibly exercise
  • Increased Fatigue. Since your body is working overtime to support healthy growth, you may feel more tired than usual, and should make sure you get plenty of rest and eat a protein-rich diet

These and other physical changes in your body are considered normal, but you should always consult a specialist if they become intense or significantly affect your normal daily activities. Making an appointment with an obstetrician/gynecologist should be one of the first steps you take after a positive pregnancy test to put you on the road to a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Though your typical lifestyle should be relatively easy to maintain in the first months of pregnancy, you will need to include new practices and possibly modify old ones to ensure your baby?s health.

  • General Nutrition. Consuming more calories and including more dairy and protein-rich foods in your diet are good practices to follow. Talk with your specialist for more specific guidelines based on your body size and any medical conditions present
  • Prenatal Vitamins. Starting a prenatal vitamin regimen is extremely important early in the pregnancy, but not all pills are created equal, so refer to your specialist for a recommendation of the most comprehensive and absorbable supplement
  • Things to Avoid. Alcohol consumption and smoking are well-known risk factors for pregnant women. Caffeine, over the counter medications and herbal supplements should also be consumed with caution?remember, everything you expose your pregnant body to your baby is affected by as well

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and the excitement many mothers-to-be feel during their early months can lead to a broad spectrum of emotions. Feelings of elation, depression, fear, and anticipation are just as common among pregnant women as physical changes resulting from pregnancy, especially during the first few months. Surrounding yourself with supportive family, friends, and medical specialists will help ensure that both your emotional and physical well-being are cared for throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Although early pregnancy is a time of major fetal development and change in the mother?s body, growth and transformation continue throughout the pregnancy, presenting new challenges and joys to pregnant women.

For more detailed information on what is happening inside the womb on a week-by-week basis, reference this weekly calendar, and tune into you baby?s development from conception to birth.

From Conception to Birth
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