Fertility Treatment: What is Dostinex?

Dostinex is a brand name form of a drug called cabergoline that is sometimes used for fertility treatment. This drug is called a dopamine agonist that simulates dopamine in the brain. Cabergoline can be used to deal with high levels of a chemical element called prolactin that comes from the pituitary gland. Medical research has shown that these cerebral type chemicals can have some specific results in the reproductive process for women, and fertility doctors now contemplate the use of this specific pharmaceutical agent for pregnancy-related treatments.

Using Dostinex for Fertility

The ways that doctors use Dostinex or cabergoline to enhance fertility represent a complicated case study of the interaction between different chemical elements in the body. In the first place, prolactin is an element that stimulates the production of breast milk in females. However, high prolactin levels have also been understood to affect fertility. Sometimes, according to scientists, high levels of the chemical element actually work against fertility. In these cases, cabergoline drugs can be used to decrease the levels of prolactin and get them down to where they need to be for regular ovulation and fertility, according to a doctor's intimate knowledge of a patient's current medical condition and history.

Other Uses of Dostinex

The same cabergoline drug is used to treat a variety of situations where women may benefit from a reduction in breast milk production. Using the drug to control this process requires dosing patients for a specific hormonal result, making some cases challenging for doctors. Further case studies will reveal how the regular use of Dostinex and other forms of cabergoline can actually help in specific cases to restore regular fertility in women, or alternately, to help the body respond to abnormal events in a fertility process.

Warnings on Dostinex

Various recommendations show patients how this drug should be used for safe consumption. Patients are advised to take Dostinex with food, and to monitor blood pressure while on the medication.

There are also a number of disclaimers about this medication related to possible risk factors in situations where patients may be a poor candidate for this drug. Some of these cases involve abnormal kidney function. Others relate to psychological conditions and potential disorders, where using this kind of brain-related substance could alter levels of dopamine or other elements in the brain for a range of results.

If you are looking at using this or other drugs for fertility, talk to your doctor at length in pre-treatment consultation about how to correctly use any kind of chemical element to restore fertility or aid in the fertility process. Give the doctor your entire medical history, as well as information on any known allergies, and make sure to ask questions about the specific risks and benefits of Dostinex or other cabergoline drugs according to your particular medical conditions and medications. Good consultation before any treatment will help inform the patient about the real risks and possible benefits of these kinds of treatments for fertility.

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