7 Ways to Prevent Male Infertility

Male infertility is not preventable in the cases of genetic defects, traumatic damage or severe illness, but there are ways to prevent some causes, which are responsible for up to 30 percent of the cases of infertile couples. Some of the reasons for male infertility are easy to remedy, and some are more difficult, but by implementing some of the changes suggested here, the chances of a successful conception can be significantly increased.

1. Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two sexually transmitted diseases that can cause male infertility by scarring the epididymis, or tubes that carry the semen. If contracted, treatment should be sought immediately, although the best prevention is to wear a condom when having sexual relations.

2. Avoid Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drugs

Smoking tobacco and marijuana has been shown to significantly reduce sperm health and motility. By quitting these habits, sperm health and motility should recover within 90 days. Drinking alcohol to excess has also been proven to have the same effect on the sperm. Recreational drug use can affect the morphology or shape of the sperm, and their ability to move.

3. Avoid Steroid Use

Using steroids to increase body muscle mass has many unfortunate side effects, including shrinking the testicles, inhibiting the production of testosterone and causing infertility. Excessive intense exercise can also have the same results, because this type of activity increases the body's production of adrenal steroid hormones which can have the same effect as taking steroids.

4. Don't Wear Tight Underwear

Sperm health is very sensitive to the temperature of the scrotal sac. An increased temperature in the scrotum can result in a decreased sperm production, so it is recommended that men dealing with infertility issues switch to looser fitting undergarments.

5. Get Adequate Nutrition

A lack of zinc or vitamin C in the diet can contribute or even be the cause of male infertility. Minor changes in the diet to include these nutrients as well as a comprehensive multivitamin, along with incorporating better dietary choices, can contribute significantly to the health and motility of sperm.

6. Avoid Dehydration

Although not a direct cause of infertility in men, without an adequate level of fluids in the body, semen production can be depressed. Since semen carries the sperm, without a sufficient amount the sperm cannot get where they need to go. Approximately 8 to 10 glasses of water are recommended daily.

7. Reduce Stress

An inordinate amount of stress can cause infertility in both males and females. Excessive stress can have a negative effect on the hormones of the body, essentially shutting down the processes required for conception. Experts recommend reducing the stress load when trying to conceive a baby for optimal results.

Not all causes of infertility are easily solved, but there are steps many couples can take to increase their chances of conception. Most are easy enough to implement and maintain. A health care professional should be consulted before implementing a fertility regimen for the best outcome.

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