Egg Donation Cost

Egg donation is a process whereby eggs from one women are given to another women, for the purpose of in vitro fertilization. The donor should consider the expenses, compensation, tax and insurance aspects of donation.


Egg donation may require you to take off from work, hire a baby sitter and travel long distances to the medical facility. You need to document these expenses and receive compensation from the recipient or donation program.


As an egg donor, you are paid for your time, effort and discomfort. In most cases, the quality of the eggs won't affect the payment amount. Even if the process is stopped, donors are partially compensated. The average payment for egg donation is between $4,000 and $5,000.


The income received through egg donation is taxable. The company which handles the donation will send you a 1099 form stating how much they paid you.


The treatments and procedure for egg donation are not billed to your medical insurance company. They are paid by the recipient or donation program. In rare cases when complications arise, you may be billed. Before agreeing to donate, clearly establish how much the recipient and company is willing to cover in medical expenses. Consider the recovery time and the number of missed work days that will be covered.

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