Egg Donation: How to Choose a Fertility Specialist

Egg donation is complicated, invasive and can be emotionally draining. For a successful donation, it is imperative that you choose the best fertility specialist available. The following are considerations you should make when choosing your fertility specialist.

Specific Egg Donation Experience

There are fertility specialists and then there are fertility experts with experience in egg donation. Not all fertility physicians have planned and performed egg donations. The first step in choosing a fertility expert is to investigate their experience specifically in egg donations. Check the number of egg donations the specialist has handled from the beginning to end. Ask about everything from how the specialist recruits donors, what medicines and pharmacists he uses, which recipients he chooses and how many egg retrievals he performs each week or month.

Professional Memberships

It is pretty difficult to find a medical specialist that is not a member of several different professional organizations. Any specialist you choose should be a member of the American Medical Association, fertility specific organizations and other reproductive groups. Ask for a list of the specialist’s certifications and memberships prior to setting an appointment.

Not All Universities Are Created Equal

As unfortunate the fact, not all medical schools and residency programs are created equal. Beware of specialists that have not been educated or performed their residency out of the country. Inquire into which schools the specialist attended and what year he graduated. Additionally, ask which residency program or other specialized training is on his resume.

Investigate the Office

Prior to or during your first office visit, ask for a tour of the office and an introduction to all the staff and doctors working out of that office. You should feel comfortable with every aspect of the office, including the procedures and the individuals performing them. If there are several doctors, ask which ones you will see on a regular basis during the preparation for the procedure and the procedure itself. Listen to your instinct; if you are unhappy with any aspect of the office, seek another specialist.

Inquire about Emergency Procedures

Ask about the doctor’s plan should there be complications during the preparation for the procedure and during the procedure. Inquire into previous complications and how they were handled, as well as whether plans have been made for common, even if not experienced, donation complications. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the office, do not work with that specialist.

Get Advance Copies of Contracts

Prior to beginning the egg donation process, ask to see and read the contracts you will sign. Thoroughly read these contracts, ask any and all questions you have and, if necessary, have an attorney read them to catch any unusual clauses. Make sure that everyone will sign contracts and that you will receive a copy of all documents. Beware of someone who does not or is unwilling to provide you with these documents.

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