Egg Donation: How to Improve Your Chance of Success

While a proven method to treat infertility, egg donation is not guaranteed to result in a pregnancy. It is not unusual for egg donation recipients to need to undergo multiple procedures for it to be successful. Fortunately, there are many things a recipient can do to improve her chances of success. 

Follow Instructions

Your specialist’s instructions are the result of tried and true methods that have led to success. Therefore, they should be followed exactly. Medications should be taken timely and all other requirements done as directed. This does not mean that you should be uninformed about what you are taking and the other aspects of the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask your physician any and all questions you have.

Be Generally Healthy

Taking care of yourself and being in the best health possible will enhance your chances of becoming pregnant. Eat healthy foods, exercise and do not drink or smoke. Being in good health will regulate hormones, and your body’s reproductive system will be more predictable. Additionally, the procedure of receiving eggs into your fallopian tubes or uterus is invasive and painful, and the healthier you are, the faster you will be able to recover.

Don’t Stress

Most likely, you will find it impossible not to stress about the procedure and your chances of becoming pregnant. However, anything you can do to reduce your stress or at least the toll it will take on your body will increase your chances of success. Take relaxing walks, naps or get massages to help yourself relax and draw your mind away from constantly thinking about the procedure. This may be a good time to spoil yourself and take a day off work for a spa day or just to relax at home. 

Realize There Is No Shame or Blame

Many infertile woman undergoing treatments feel shameful or as though there is something wrong with their bodies because they are unable to become pregnant. The actual number of women needing fertility assistance, though, can be quite surprising. To help your body and mind’s health, remind yourself that there is nothing you did or didn’t do to cause this problem, and that you are not alone in your plight. If you are open about undergoing the procedure, you may want to speak to friends and family about your fears. If you prefer to remain private about it, consider seeing a therapist or counselor to unburden your mind.

Get Rest

One of your physician’s instructions after the procedure will be to get plenty of rest. Lay low for the few days after the procedure. Do not go to work or exercise heavily. Your body will be stressed as it is, so treat it with gentle hands. If you have obligations you cannot put aside, leave plenty of time so that you are not rushed and ask for help if needed.

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