Gestational Carrier Programs: Selection

The gestational carrier is an important part of the gestational carrier program. Selecting the gestational carrier is essential, as you will have to keep in touch with her at least before and during her pregnancy.

Where to Look

Ideally, you can find a friend or a family member (i.e. a sister), who is willing to carry the baby for you. The gestational carrier program is a complex one and will involve numerous treatments, plus the 9 months of pregnancy, so it will be a great favor to ask of anyone around you.

However, if you cannot find anyone in your entourage willing to commit to this plan, you will have to look elsewhere. You should try looking for a gestational carrier in:

  • Newspapers
  • TV and alternative media
  • Gestational carrier agencies, where there may be several candidates
  • At the fertility clinic; many fertility doctors may recommend you a gestational carrier they know, as there may be women that do this for a living

Regardless of the way you look for a gestational carrier, you will need to make sure she is healthy and she has gone through the required screening process. If there are several candidates, you will have to arrange a meeting with each candidate to find the suitable woman for your case. Remember that you will have to meet with her several times before the fertilization and during the pregnancy, or even after the baby is delivered.

Interview Process

Unless the GC is someone from your family or someone you know, it is important to meet the potential gestational carrier(s), so that you can establish if the person is suitable for this procedure.

Even if the GCs will go through a screening process that will make sure they are healthy and can carry the baby for an infertile couple, it is essential to meet the potential GCs to ask a few questions. You may have to choose from a number of GCs.

Questions to Ask

You should prepare for the interview with a few pertinent questions that could help you make the selection for your gestational carrier. Ask questions that will include the following:

  • Whether the gestational carrier has undergone the screening process (and proof of that)
  • Whether she has a partner and he is healthy (and agrees with her being a gestational carrier)
  • Her lifestyle (i.e. what she eats and whether she smokes or has other bad habits)
  • If she has been a gestational carrier before and if so, ask for references and possibly meet with the other couples
  • Ask the reasons she decided to become a gestational carrier

After choosing a gestational carrier, you will have to sign a legal contract that you will be the intended parents. Never settle for a verbal agreement.

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