Post-Gestational Carrier Program Lifestyle

The gestational carrier program involves a couple that will provide the genetic material and a surrogate mother, or the gestational carrier (GC), who will carry the baby. The lifestyle (after the gestational carrier program) of the GC and the parents can be changed, so that all parties will avoid potential problems.

Post-Gestational Carrier Program Lifestyle for the GC

The GC will have a number of changes to her body after giving birth, and having to give up the baby may be difficult. The gestational carrier may have mood swings, which will have to be dealt with. The hormonal levels may fluctuate in her body and in some cases, only medication can solve this problem.

Post partum depression may also be common after delivering the baby, and having to give the baby up may make things worse. However, the GC should prepare for this period and have support from family or friends (and possibly some counseling sessions may also be recommended). Support groups may also be available to help the GC overcome her depression and be able to cope with the situation and get on with her life. Online support groups and forums may also be found and can help the GC greatly: she can read other stories and share her experience as well.

The GC should also eat healthy foods, as these can influence her mood. A nutritionist can help the GC decide on a diet that will help her feel good and also lose the baby fat. Exercise is greatly recommended, as this will boost her mood and also keep her busy. Taking up a hobby can also help the GC keep busy and feel better about herself.

Some psychologists recommend the GC to have a new baby with her partner; the surrogacy experience may have helped the GC realize she wants a baby for herself and having a baby can be a great accomplishment.

Post-Gestational Carrier Program Lifestyle for the Parents

The parents of a baby obtained through a gestational carrier program will be busy after getting the baby. They will have to make time to care for the baby and provide for all of the baby’s needs. Time off work will help the parents bond with the new baby.

Typically, the parents won’t have a difficult time accepting the baby, even if the baby has been carried and delivered by a gestational carrier. The parents will also have to decide what to tell the family and friends about the baby and the GC program. Also, the parents will decide if the GC will be able to visit the baby.

The parents may also go through a stressful time. It’s important to be able to cope with stress, as the baby may sense the tension. Counseling, exercise, new hobbies or medication can help with stress.

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