Sperm Donation: Financial Information for Donors

Sperm donation provides an infertile woman or couple with the means to have a child. For this effort, donors are often rewarded with a minimal payment. While the amount of this payment varies, it is typically never very large. Additionally, it may only be given after the donated sperm is tested and proven viable.

Amount of Payment

The typical range for payments for sperm donors is $35-100.00. Depending on the size of the bank, the demand for sperm and the size of the donation, payments may be at the higher end. Prior to donating, make sure that the amount you will receive for donating is clearly stated and understood by all parties. This will ensure that there are no problems in the future.

How much a donor receives depends on how much he commits to donating over a period of time, and whether he agrees to be known or remain anonymous in his donations. Because a recipient can investigate more fully a known donor, known donors are usually paid more. It is important to know if you want to remain anonymous or are willing to share your information prior to donating, so that you can agree on an amount of payment.

Delayed Payments

Donors usually do not receive payment immediately after donating. Sperm donors must undergo multiple blood tests to make sure that at the time of donating there were no diseases or other problems in the body at the time. The second blood test usually occurs six months after donating. Because of the potential for the donor failing the second test, sperm banks hold onto the donor’s payments until after the passage of that time (and upon receiving notice that there were no problems with the blood test).

Donor Commitment

Many banks will require a relationship to be established between themselves and the donor prior to committing to payment. Banks may require multiple donations per month over a period of several months. Because the amount of payment for each donation is low, a sperm bank may not deliver payment until after multiple donations, meaning that the donor will have to wait even longer to receive funds.

Uses of Sperm

What donated sperm will be used for will impact how much a donor is paid. A donation intended for scientific research may be paid differently than a donation that is going to be used to create a pregnancy. Additionally, if you already have a recipient in line for the donation, the donor may receive more money.

Testing Fees

Related to the amount of payment a donor will receive are payments for testing on the sperm and donor. A good rule of thumb is that any reputable clinic will not charge a donor for these tests. If a clinic says that you will be responsible for these tests with no future reimbursement, seek a different bank for your donation. A donor is giving is time and sperm, and there should be no financial obligations.

Travel and Other Reimbursements

Some banks may be willing to reimburse or give a stipend for a donor’s travel expenses. These funds may require the donor to keep records of his expenses. These payments are not typical, so do not be surprised if they are not offered.

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