6 Medical Questions to Ask when Considering Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a process with many medical and psychological implications. If you are considering surrogacy, there are a few medical questions you will have to ask first. Surrogacy may be a rewarding experience, but it may also be challenging.

1. How Is the Baby Conceived?

With surrogacy, one option is getting a sperm sample from the adoptive father and conceiving the baby through artificial insemination. In other cases, the embryo is formed in vitro taking an egg and sperm from the adoptive parents and implanting the embryo into your uterus.

The artificial insemination practices may not always be successful, so you will have to be prepared to undergo several artificial insemination procedures. The A.I. procedures are not complicated and will not be painful, but you will have to prepare with a few injections and if not successful, you may have to wait a few weeks to months before a new procedure.

2. Do You Have Fertility Problems?

As a surrogate mother, you may often have to undergo artificial insemination and you should be fertile, so that the artificial insemination is more likely to happen.

You should also be in good health. The adoptive family may choose to perform a number of tests prior to the surrogacy. These tests may include blood tests, a psychological evaluation or an HIV test.

3. Do You Need to Take Medications?

Prior to the pregnancy, you may have to get a few vitamins and even a few injections to stimulate the production of an egg, so that the artificial insemination is more likely to be successful. Ask questions about the names and possible side effects of these injections.

During pregnancy, the doctor may also prescribe a few medications or vitamins that you will have to take to ensure the baby is healthy.

4. What Happens If You Have Twins?

Twins are likely to form, especially if artificial insemination is used. The couple may choose to keep the twins or abort one of the fetuses. The abortion may be a complicated procedure and it may also have risks both for you and the fetuses. You have to discuss this scenario with the adoptive couple.

5. Can You Choose How You Will Deliver the Baby?

The decision of how to deliver the baby may be up to you, but often, the parents may have a saying in this. You have to be ready to have a C-section, if need be.

The adoptive couple may choose that you deliver the baby in a certain hospital or facility.

6. Who Pays for the Medical Bills?

The medical bills during pregnancy may often be paid for by the adopting family, but you need to clarify this from the get go. Ask questions about who pays for the medications, vitamins and other medical expenses. In some cases, the adoptive family will only cover the obstetrical expenses of the surrogate mother.

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