What to Expect during the Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy is a great alternative to adoption for those parents who cannot have a child on their own. This process should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of expectations from both parties, and the surrogacy process can be a very emotional one.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to find a Surrogacy Agency in your area. They will be able to set you up with all of the legal issues that are involved in the process. They will also help set you up with a surrogate. It is best to go through an agency because they will set you up with a lawyer and the contracts you may need. This way both parties are protected. Once the surrogate is found, then they will decide on the type and amount of compensation. The compensation is usually set up into monthly payments lasting for 10 months, about the time of the pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

In many cases, an egg will be taken from the soon to be mother or a donor and the sperm from the father or a donor. While this is happening, the surrogate mother is placed on hormonal medications before the embryo is transferred into her cervix. She is placed on these medications for about 2 weeks. Then, the embryo is transferred. The surrogate then needs to rest for the next 2 to 3 days. Then after 14 days, she can take a pregnancy test to determine if the transfer has worked. Once the doctors can see a heartbeat, then she can start to see her regular OB/GYN.

The Pregnancy

Once the surrogate is pregnant, she begins to take care of the baby as she would her own. The new parents are informed about all of the progress of the baby. In some cases, the parents can be present for the doctors appointments. This way, they are totally informed on everything is happening and potential risks or complications. In many cases, if the surrogate needs extra tests, she is compensated for them.

The Birth

Now that the baby is ready to be delivered, the new parents can be at the hospital for the birth. After the baby is born, she will be handed off to the new parents. The surrogate will then rest and relax and get ready to go home and take care of her family. After the baby is released from the hospital, the new parents will take her home and begin the process of starting their family.

The surrogacy process can be a difficult one. It can be an emotional roller coaster for those who are involved. It is important for the surrogate to have a strong family that will support her through this journey. It is also important that the new parents are prepared for what is about to happen. It is important that the surrogate and the new parents form a relationship and focus on the outcome so that it is a happy time for all involved.

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