Cost and Financing of Tubal Reversal Surgery

Due to a change in family circumstances, such as a death of a child, change of partner or income status, a woman who underwent tubal ligation may want to reverse the procedure through a Tubal Reversal surgery. Cost and financing have to be considered when planning, to make sure that there are sufficient funds to finance the procedure.

Tubal Reversal Cost

The cost of tubal reversal surgery ranges from $9,000 to $30,000, depending on several factors. A physician's professional fee may depend on the reputation and credibility. The more known the physician or surgeon is, the higher the charge. Hospital charges may also vary depending on the type of tubal reversal surgery performed. If the type of surgery performed requires a longer stay, the hospital cost is higher. The cost may also vary depending on the location. Bigger cities usually charge a higher rate.

Tubal Reversal Financing

There are several options to finance a tubal reversal procedure. Comparing these options is the best way to identify the best available financing.

Although most insurance companies do not cover this kind of surgery, it is still best to check with your health insurance provider. Insurance coverage varies depending on the policy. Some may cover the procedure depending on the ICD-9 or International Classification of Disease given. Ask for the codes for tubal reversal from the health care provider and inquire with the health care insurance companies if they cover any of the costs pertaining to these codes. They may not completely cover the entire cost of the procedure, but they may cover the costs of anesthesia or other tests.

Payment plan options are available in almost all major clinics. Some may require a down payment before being able to schedule the procedure; the rest of the payments are due before the day of the surgery.

Some of the other financing options include the use of credit cards or applying for personal loans from banks, medical credit companies and other financing companies.

Tubal reversal surgery requires a great deal of financial preparation. Contacting the health care provider and the insurance company are the best ways to get reliable information.

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