FDA Approval Status for Tubal Reversal Surgery

Tubal reversal surgery is available to those who want to be able to become pregnant on their own after having their tubes tied. While at one time the tubal ligation surgery was a final end to fertility, the invention of microsurgery and other surgical techniques has made tubal reversal not only possible, but also successful.?

The FDA and Tubal Reversal

The tubal reversal surgery has been approved by the FDA for a long time. In 2002, the FDA approved the Essure sterilization and its subsequent reversal. This allowed women who believed they would no longer be able to conceive to be able to conceive with great success.? In 2009, the FDA approved Adiana sterilization reversal, which is similar in procedure and technique to the Essure surgery. These two procedures allow women to have their tubes opened again, which gives the woman better conception rates than they might have with traditional IVF procedures.

Many women decide to have their tubal ligation reversed when they get remarried or when they simply want to add to their family. With FDA approved procedures, conception ability can be restored and the woman can bring another child into the world, as her situation and feelings might change over time.

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