Fertility Treatments that Can be Combined with Tubal Reversal

Tubal reversal is a procedure which is used to reverse the results of a tubal ligation. Some women who have chosen to have their tubes tied may regret their decision, and they might opt to have the procedure reversed in order to be fertile again. Though tubal reversal can help to improve fertility odds, those who are older or who have fertility issues may still have troubles becoming pregnant. To ensure the maximum fertility, a patient may opt for acupuncture, fertility medications or IVF, as well a combination of all or some of these possibilities.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Some women want to use non-medication treatments after tubal reversal to improve fertility odds. Acupuncture for fertility works well to help reestablish a calm mindset for conception, which can often increase odds of pregnancy more than other treatments. The placement of needles in acupuncture are thought to help allow stagnant energy to flow more easily, helping to create a healthier and more fertile body. These sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, helping to allow the body to regain its health in a pain free manner. Not always covered by insurance, acupuncture is often the first step to fertility as its costs are lower and side effects are minimal.

Medications for Fertility

Other women find that acupuncture may not work for them, so they need to look into fertility medications. There are a variety of medications from which a woman can choose, including Clomiphene, Estradiol, HCG and others. Each medication is designed to help the body in a different way. A physician will have to work with the patients to see how they react to different medication treatments. Those women who are older may need to have additional hormone injections, as well, to boost their fertility, in addition to other treatments. These medications can cause side effects and not all are suitable for women with certain health histories.

IVF for Fertility

Some women might find that the tubal reversal is not helping to improve their fertility at all, in spite of the many treatments and medications they have taken. These women will need to turn to IVF for help getting pregnant. In Vitro Fertilization takes place outside of the body, uniting an egg and the sperm in a lab and then transplanting the cells into the woman. This ensures that the conception does take place, while also helping to increase the odds of implantation in the womb. However, not all IVF treatments are successful, and they can be quite expensive as they are generally paid for out of pocket.

Regardless of the steps needed to get pregnant, tubal reversal is a simple procedure which often brings normal fertility back. But for those women who are older or who have had fertility issues in the past, there are many treatments which can be used in addition to the reversal. Not all pregnancies are simple, but the medical technologies available can ensure every woman has a change to become pregnant, even after they've decided to stop trying.

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