Initial and Long Term Results of Tubal Reversal Surgery

Tubal reversal surgery has the ability to provide either permanent or temporary results. Women who choose to have their fallopian tubes separated through ligation choose the reversal method to gain the ability to become pregnant once again. Results will last until women choose to have the tubes separated through another ligation procedure.

Initial Results

Once the surgery concludes, patients will go through a short recovery process. Since the surgery usually involves only one small sized incision paired with anesthetic treatment, women do not suffer from great lengths of downtime.

The newly reconnected fallopian tube structure will also need time to fully heal and grow a strong bond as once before. Sutures hold the tube together, making it weaker than before ligation surgery. Therefore, some women will have a smaller chance of getting pregnant soon after the tubal reversal surgery is performed.

Long Term Results

Ultimately, tubal reversal surgery works to successfully connect the separated parts of the fallopian tube. This allows for eggs to meet with sperm during ovulation. Therefore, the permanent and long term results provided by tubal reversal include the patient's ability to become pregnant during the child bearing age period.

Not all tubal reversal surgeries ensure that a woman will become pregnant, although experienced surgeons practice precise techniques that definitively connect the separate tube pieces.

Other Information

A different set of techniques will be utilized if women have had other forms of ligation surgery. In some cases, the opening leading into the uterine cavity is closed off. In this scenario, surgeons will have to perform an implantation type of surgery where a new opening is made. Results from this type of reversal surgery work the same as in others.

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