Candidacy for Vasectomy Reversal

The vasectomy reversal is a procedure that will undo the changes performed by a vasectomy. This procedure is done in men that are reconsidering their decision not to father any more children. If the procedure is successful, the patient will be able to conceive children again. The success of the procedure may depend at some extend on whether the patient is a good candidate for the vasectomy reversal.

Ideal Candidate for Vasectomy Reversal

The ideal candidate for vasectomy reversal is a healthy male that would like to have children again due to different changes in his life (i.e. a new partner).

The vasectomy procedure is performed closer or farther away from the testicle. The highest chances of success are in patients that have had the incision farther from the testicle, as the vas deferens is longer. However, the vasectomy reversal procedure may be successful in patients with a shorter vas deferens.

The patient should have sperm in the testicles, otherwise the vasectomy reversal has no purpose. A test will be performed to establish this.


If the testicles have been damaged during the vasectomy procedure, the success of a vasectomy reversal is not guaranteed, so the surgeon may not recommend a new surgery.

Also, if the vas deferens has been injured during the initial vasectomy, the procedure may not be recommended. The surgeon will examine each patient in part and will determine if a vasectomy reversal is possible. Men with shrunken testicles cannot get a vasectomy reversal.

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