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Sperm Donation Cost and Financing

Sperm donation is a process that can assist couples with fertility problems. The donated sperm is used for artificial insemination. For the recipients of sperm donation, there will be some costs involved, which should be considered prior to agreeing to start the artificial insemination process.

Average Sperm Donation Costs for Recipients

The sperm donation costs for recipients may be between $200 and $3,000 per one vial of sperm, depending on several factors including:

  • The location of the clinic or sperm bank
  • The fees of the clinic
  • The prestige of the clinic
  • The personal coordinates of the donor

Typically, 2 to 3 vials are needed for a fertilization cycle, so the final costs can be between $400 and $9,000 for the sperm donation only. If the couple has preferences (i.e. race, height of donor), there may be additional costs involved. There are sperm banks that offer pictures (childhood and adulthood) with the donors, so that the couple can choose.

There are also options to pay for a private donor, chosen by the couple, and this will cost much more than the average cost of sperm.

What’s Included in the Costs

The costs of sperm donation for recipients will include the price for a sperm vial. The money given by a recipient should cover the costs for the investigation and medical tests performed on the donor. The donor has to go through several screening tests and medical tests to be able to become a donor. These screenings are done to ensure that the sperm is viable and the baby will not have HIV, birth defects or other diseases.

Additional Costs

The costs of sperm donation for the recipient won’t include the profile of the donor. Each donor profile may cost an additional $10 to $50, depending on the length of the profile.

Choosing a sperm bank that is located in a different region will also involve additional shipping costs. The sperm is frozen and can be sent to virtually all corners of the world, but the shipping may be more expensive, so as not to damage the sperm during the shipping period.

If the artificial insemination procedure is chosen, there will be additional costs for the recipients of sperm donation. The additional costs include:

  • Drug therapy for the mother
  • The artificial insemination procedure
  • Hospitalization before and after the artificial insemination

The entire process can cost between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on who performs the procedure and the costs of the sperm.

Insurance Coverage

Typically, the insurance won’t cover the costs of sperm donation for recipients. Alternative financing options should be sought.

Financing Options for Sperm Donation

A sperm donation for recipients may be financed through a medical loan. However, the couple may choose to get a loan to cover all the expenses involved in the artificial procedure.

There are numerous financial institutions that offer medical loans. These may be found in local directories and online.

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