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Sperm Donation: How Often Can One Donate?

Sperm donation is a process that may be considered by men who are fit and in good health. The semen will be used for artificial insemination, or in rare cases, for IVF (in vitro fertilization) for couples that have fertility problems or for same sex couples. If you are a good candidate and are considering sperm donation, you may ask yourself how often one can donate.

Theoretically Speaking

Theoretically speaking, a sperm donor could be able to donate once at an interval of 24 hours or even sooner than that.

However, frequent sperm donation may interfere with your normal sexual activity, so you should consider how often you can donate so that your sexual life won’t be affected.

Practically Speaking

Practically, the sperm donation may not be done on a daily or weekly basis. Most sperm banks prefer variety and may not need large amounts of sperm from the same donor. Some banks may have a regulation that only allows donors to give semen a few times per year.

For emotional reasons, sperm donors may also not be able to give semen more often.

Other Considerations

If you would like to become a sperm donor, you should also know that there are a few screening tests that you should pass before being able to donate. You will undergo a few blood and urine tests, plus 2 HIV tests performed 6 months apart. You should also have a clean medical history and no inherited diseases or such diseases in your family.

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