How Long To Try For a Baby Before Getting Medical Assistance?

You are ready to get pregnant. You've gotten your life situated and your finances in order. You've found your partner and worked together to establish a strong foundation in your relationship. The two of you have discussed the pros and cons of pregnancy and decided that you are both ready to make the leap. You've stopped taking your birth control pills and started trying to get pregnant. And nothing is happening. How long should you continue trying to conceive naturally before you consult a fertility specialist for medical advice? The answer depends on your age and the urgency with which you would like to get pregnant. However, the general consensus is that if you haven't gotten pregnant after 1 - 2 years of trying, it's time to get a little bit of help.
About 10 percent of couples will experience infertility, (Dr. Jay) Mehta says. After age 30, a woman's eggs have declined in number and quality. "Also, the uterus is getting older, so it interferes with the proper (egg) implantation," he says. After one to two years of trying to get pregnant, a couple should seek medical care," he says.(Source: Twin Tiers Moms)
Making the decision to seek medical assistance for infertility is a difficult choice for many couples. Some feel as though this means they have failed somehow. Others are nervous about turning this "natural" part of life into a medical ordeal. But the fact is that sometimes people need help getting pregnant. It's better to have all of the facts than to keep on doing something that doesn't work. If you're thinking that it might be time to seek out the help of a specialist, the time has probably come. photo link
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