Surrogacy Growing as a Job in India

Women in America who are having difficulty conceiving a child often turn to other countries for medical assistance. This is due to the fact that procedures for fertility can be very expensive in the United States. Foreign countries offer the same procedures at a reduced rate which is sometimes the only option available to lower income families in America. For example, women in the United States have regularly turned to India for assistance with in vitro fertilization. There is some debate about whether or not it's better to have IVF done here in the states or overseas. But despite the debate, women head over there because it's where they can afford to get treatments done. Now, India is seeing a surge in a new kind of fertility treatment. Whereas before it was women interested in IVF who went to India, now it is frequently women who are seeking surrogate mothers. Surrogacy was uncommon in India up until recent years. However, it is increasingly seen as a way for women in India to earn additional income. Being a surrogate mother is practically becoming a job title in some parts of the world.

Leading advocate of surrogacy, Dr. Naina Patel of the Akanksha Fertility Clinic in Anand, contends that it is a positive service. "Infertility is a global problem and we have its global solution," she said.

Some people say that surrogate moms in India are being exploited for the cheap use of their bodies. Others say that it provides a way for Americans to get the children they want while assisting a family in another country. The debate may rage on but interest in overseas surrogacy continues to grow.

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