On The Other Side of Surrogacy

Just yesterday, we took a look at a really inspirational story of a positive experience with surrogacy. It's nice to notice when a surrogate devotes herself to assisting another woman in bringing a child into her home. However, we noted that this isn't always the way that surrogacy goes. There are risks that potential parents take when they rely on a surrogate mother to assist them with pregnancy. Unfortunately, today's story addresses ones of those risks. The story came out last week in The Columbus Dispatch and can be read in its entirety here. To summarize it, a couple in Ohio contracted with a surrogate way back in 2003. The result was that a pair of triplets was born to the surrogate. A week later, the surrogate mother broke the contract and took the babies home with her. She raised the children for nearly three years when a court ruled that she must give them back to the parents. The reason that it's in the news again is because an Ohio court made another ruling supporting that decision and addressing the finances involved. Some would say that this is a story with a happy ending for the parents who are keeping the triplets. Even though they ultimately were able to have the babies that they used surrogacy to obtain, it's not really a happy story. They have spent years struggling over the issue as a result of the fact that surrogacy contracts are not clear in many states. Surrogacy can be a terrific experience. The story which ran yesterday supports that. And it shouldn't be ruled out as an option by people who are considering how to add to their families despite fertility problems. However, these stories serve as a reminder that there are risks involved in working with others to bring a child into the world. Question of the Day: If you read both yesterday's story and today's, has your answer to yesterday's "question of the day" changed? photo link
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