Surrogacy Brings Bundle of Joy to Christmas Celebration

The Hillsboro Reporter recently ran an uplifting article about a successful experience with surrogacy. The article, which you can read in full here, shares the story of Christi and Bret Hodges. The couple had one child together but then had trouble conceiving again as a result of the fact that Christi suffers from Lupus. They explored their options for treating infertility and decided to use a surrogate mother to add to their family. The surrogacy was successful and the baby was born just before Christmas. The story is inspirational for a few different reasons. First of all, surrogacy is always something of an inspiration. After all, it requires a woman to give nine months of her life to caring for what will ultimately be another woman's baby. That's a gift that not many people are able to give. There's just too much bonding going on within the body for most women to choose to be surrogates. Those that do are inspirational to women who know that they never could. Moreover, the story is inspirational because it offers a look at a positive experience with surrogacy. Surrogacy often only makes headlines when it's gone wrong. For example, it made headlines not too long ago when a surrogate mother wasn't able to give up the baby after it was born. More recently, we saw a surrogacy scam take money away from couples who desperately wanted to have babies. So it's nice to see that good surrogacy situations can also be considered newsworthy. And finally, it's just nice to think of a new baby being brought home around Christmastime! Question of the Day: Do you think surrogacy more often goes right or more often goes awry?

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