Book Looks at Fertility Industry

Liza Mundy of the Washington Post has just published a new book with her take on the fertility industry. Titled Everything Conceivable, she spoke the other day with NPR's Michelle Norris on "All Things Considered" about the numbers that are often left out, she says, of patient-physicians discussions about the potentialities of fertility treatment. In the excerpt from her book on the NPR site, for example, Mundy details statistics regarding multiples, the plague of fertility treatment. She points the finger at a feel-good media that is most often happy to chatter about the kitchy-koo adorable multiples, while quietly leaving out the gory details that more often beset the usually premature babies and their resultingly distraught families. Mundy tells Norris in the interview that she believes fertility physicians aren't as up front and graphic as they need to be when talking about all the possible ramifications of treatment. Everything Conceivable is the second book in about a year to come out and plainly refer to the entity of the "fertility industry" (the first being The Baby Business by Debora Spar). The first was a critical success; it will be interesting to see how Mundy's book compares.
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