January is Love Yourself Month

January 1st. That's the date on the calendar and that means that it's the start of a New Year. But it's also the start of something else - a month devoted to celebrating the love that you have for yourself. That's right - January is Love Yourself Month. Now, now, don't get all up in arms. Don't start saying that you aren't into those "silly holidays" that Hallmarkers use to get you to buy unnecessary gifts. And don't even begin to say that you don't have the time or energy to celebrate any more holidays. Loving yourself isn't something that's silly or something that takes too much time or money. It's something that you should be doing anyway. The problem for many women who are suffering from infertility is that they're so focused on their families that they forget to love themselves. Yes, you take good care of your health, but it's mostly for the baby. Yes, you try to spark some romance with your partner, but it's mostly in the name of conception. You forget to do the little things that are really just about you. Take some time this month that's about celebrating your own self, as an individual instead of as a set of reproductive abilities and flaws. You can still make it to your in vitro fertilization treatments and put dinner on the table for your household. But remember to take walks in the park, naps in the afternoon and time to just be who you are. Question of the Day: What are five things you can do to celebrate Love Yourself Month? photo link
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