Stem Cell Treatment for In Utero Babies

One of the concerns that women with infertility have is that their babies are sometimes at greater risk of contracting certain diseases. With the help of a good doctor, this can be mitigated. However, it's always hopeful for these women to hear about advances in medicine that can treat such diseases in the womb. One such medical advance has come out of research being done at the University of Queensland. This research has initiated the possibility of treating certain disorders, such as brittle bones, while the baby is still in the womb. In utero stem cell treatment.
"Dr Yolande Harley of charity Action Medical Research, which funded the project, said: "Professor Fisk's work is a real breakthrough. It suggests that if stem cells could be successfully transplanted before a baby with OI is even born, it could mean a significant improvement in the child's health and quality of life." (source)
This type of treatment won't be available for some time. It's going to have to go through rounds of testing before it will be perfected and approved for use. But it points to the direction that we are going with treating problems occurring with babies before they are even born. Question of the Day: What genetic diseases do you fear most for your own children? photo link
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