Fertility Expo

The Reproductive Wellness Treatment Center is hosting a fertility expo for couples struggling to conceive. Set to take place on October 28th in San Diego, the expo will show off some the latest fertility treatment technologies. Fertility experts hope that this event will help couples find the answers they are looking for and put forth infertility issues in the limelight. Many couples have infertility issues, but do not know where to find information or clinics that can help them in their plight to make a family. The expo will highlight a sundry of invasive and non-invasive methods: fertility medications, home remedies, fertility yoga, new studies, acupuncture, IVF and many other methods of treatment. If you are interested in attending the event is free (donations welcome) and it will take place at the University of California, San Diego. Or for more information about infertility treatments go to fertilityproregistry.com. Photolink
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