Lenient Fertility Laws Passed in Australia

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Labor Party and Parliament have begun to wave their contentious liberal laws in the face of many conservative Australians. The state of Victoria passed a fertility Bill that would grant lesbians and single women greater access to infertility treatments. Similarly, the new law would give gay partners and surrogate mothers added parenting rights. Many are concerned that the Bill is far too broad and can lead to slippery slope of liberal fertility rights. Sports and Reaction Minister - and strong Liberal Party member - denounced the bill saying,
"We are told that the ART bill is all about the rights of the child, but in reality it is about the wants and desires of adults."
Fertility treatments have become a great issue worldwide; this isn't the first time we've heard Australians debating these rights. Just last week Prime Minister Rudd pushed for longer paid maternity leave for new mothers. This may benefit women like Nicole Kidman who have been struggling with infertility issues for years now. If you want to learn more about infertility treatments and find a professional go to fertilityproregistry.com. Photolink
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