Surrogates WANTED!

Here ye here ye! A Chicago based fertility clinic is looking for surrogate mothers. The clinic is hoping to increase the incentives for surrogates. So if you are of the appropriate child-bearing age, meet the requirements for surrogacy, and are not on public aid, but don't have health insurance this may be your best bet to rack in some dough. Getting pregnant to help others is Alternative Reproductive Resources slogan right now. Many infertile couples are struggling to pay for costly fertility treatments during this economic downturn, so ARR is hoping to remedy financial woes for hopeful parents. Typically surrogates whom are between 21-38 are obliged to have health insurance pay for some of the hospitalization and birthing costs. However ARR is waiving such requirements and helping both surrogates who have lost health insurance from the economic crisis and couples hoping to conceive. A free-falling economy may have its perks for some!

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