IVF turns Big Business

With the recent lax laws towards infertility treatments in the state of Victoria in Australia, big business tycoons and corporations are beginning to invest in fertility clinics. In Vitro Fertilization has become a lucrative field for fertility experts and businessmen alike, while also providing infertile couples with hopes of successfully conceiving. However, such businesses are receiving a hefty dose of scrutiny for cashing in on such serious health problems. Since the new law permitting lesbian couples and single mothers to have infertility treatments like IVF, the numbers have increased by 17%. Proving the demand and popularity in the Southern Hemisphere of being pregnant is still as hot as it is on Robertson Blvd and Rodeo Drive. Many formerly doctor owned fertility clinics are being bought out and controlled by equity funds. However, these recent acquisitions re definitely to the benefit of the physicians involved, a Monash based clinic reported being sold off for nearly 200 million dollars this last week. Validating the profitability of such industries and the technological advances of infertility treatments. As the industry gets more funding and money, the technologies will further advance and provide aid for infertile couples. Photolink
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