Surrogates and Egg Donors Rise with Troubled Economy

In today's volatile job market and economic woes many young women are turning to surrogacy and egg donation as a means of financial help. The numbers of egg donors and surrogate mothers has increased by 30% in recent months. These women are being paid handsomely as well as helping infertile couples give birth, donors often make $7,000 while surrogate mothers can make as much as $25,000. Alternative Reproductive Resources reported to CBS News that they have seen an influx of women reporting money has their primary reason for offering themselves or their eggs. In fact, one report shows a rise of women in there 20s using the money to pay for college tuition, in a time when student loans are hard to come across. The spike in egg donations and surrogacy means the possibility of more hope for couples struggling to conceive. Egg donation and surrogacy are both great alternatives if you are struggling with treatments like In Vitro Fertilization. Hopefully in the next few months, national figures and statistics will be released to see if the trend is becoming common in all parts of the country. Photolink
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