Hope for HIV Positive Couples

Africa has long been plagued with AIDS, little medical treatments, lack financial help and awareness. For years the disease has spread wildly throughout pats of South Africa, but today the Herald Tribune is reporting that fertility clinics in Cape Town may be bringing hope to couples ravaged with HIV. Such couples may now have the opportunity and means to have a healthy baby, because clinics are allowing for the treatment of couples with AIDS/HIV. The Tribune article enthusiastically reported,
"The Cape Fertility Clinic is the first in Africa to open a laboratory for HIV-positive patients, enabling them to conceive and give birth to HIV-negative babies by using procedures such as in-vitro fertilization."
The Clinics Director said,
"HIV is no longer seen as a death sentence but a chronic disease. And people with chronic diseases are entitled to have fertility treatment. We can safely deliver an HIV negative child and, with the right treatment, the parent can live a long life."
Although such new rules shed light on the epidemic in Africa and bring hope for millions struggling to cope with the treacherous disease, only a lucky few have the luxury of receiving such treatments. Cost is a huge factor, the procedures are pricey and a small number of people have the financial means to undertake such financial feats. However, Africa and it's many charitable supporters are hoping to protect children from being born unhealthy, especially since the numbers of newborn children with AIDS has reportedly tripled in recent years. Photolink
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