Egg Freezing Technology Advances

The San Francisco Bay Area is leading the way in advancing options for women with infertility issues. It was reported in October that a new grant was allowing for research into a new freezing-and-thawing technique for women's eggs that could change the playing field for infertility treatment. It has now been announced that a fertility center in the area has been highly successful in having patients conceive using eggs that were unfertilized before freezing, a new infertility method that opens the doors to new treatment options.
"A Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) patient, who underwent an embryo transfer with embryos created from vitrified and warmed donor oocytes (eggs), successfully delivered a baby in late October 2007. A healthy baby boy was born at term. Three other pregnancies are ongoing and are expected to deliver in 2008."
Historically, the woman's eggs had to be fertilized prior to freezing. However, the researchers at this facility have spent the past two years trying to provide women with the option of freezing unfertilized eggs for future use. This has been successful thus far and should lead to further exploration of this option by other facilities. Question of the Day: How do you feel about the egg freezing process? photo link
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