Write a Valentine's Letter to your Baby to Be

Dealing with infertility is a really difficult experience. One of the ways to make it a more pleasant time of life is to start accumulating items that will be given as special gifts to your baby once that baby has finally entered your life. On each holiday and during other important times throughout the year, you can celebrate your future family with a little addition to this accumulation. For example, starting today you can sit down and write a Valentine's letter to your baby. This can just be a simple letter that says what you're feeling about the family situation today. There's no one that you're going to love more than the baby you finally have, no matter how that baby ends up coming to you. That makes Valentine's a perfect day to celebrate even if the baby hasn't yet arrived. Question of the Day: What other Valentine's things can you do to create a special memory for the baby you'll have one day? photo link
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