Our Doctors in the News: Huntington Reproductive Center

We are always happy to see our doctors make their local news. That was the case recently for Huntington Reproductive Center which operates a series of fertility clinics throughout the Los Angeles area. They were profiled in Westside Today in an article entitled "Huntington Reproductive Center: Bringing Dreams to Life for More Than 20 Years". The article reviews the achievements that have been made by these doctors in the twenty years that they have been in operation. In addition to the standard procedures (such as in vitro fertilization and egg donation), the office has been a leader in areas such as PGD sex selection and egg freezing. Currently, Huntington Reproductive Center is one of very few fertility clinics which works with a technology called MicroSort which is being tested out for further approval by the FDA. This technology is another method of sex selection that might be of interest to the fertility patients that the business treats down the line. Of course, you might not be located in the Los Angeles area. This is just one example of a doctor's office that has been doing great fertility work for years. You can check our network to locate a doctor who works closer to you. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in sex selection services from your fertility doctor? photo link
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