Surviving Infertility Won't Make You The Perfect Mom

Believe it or not, one of these days your battle with infertility is going to be over. You will eventually get pregnant through in vitro fertilization, bring a child into your home with the help of a surrogate mom or adopt someone else's children who are in need of love. And when you do, you are going to have all of the flaws that every other parent has. There was a recent article at MomLogic on the idea of "Mommy Rehab", a place where moms could go to get the much-needed break from their kids, spouses and real life that can sometimes make you feel like you're going insane. In passing, the author of the article mentions that she sometimes wants to get away from her kids despite all of the infertility issues she struggled with to have them. Many women who suffer from infertility make the mistake of thinking that they aren't going to take their kids for granted because of the amount of work that went in to conceiving. The reality is that you're going to be just as tired, just as grumpy ... and just as great of a mom as anyone else might be. Surviving infertility is something to be proud of ... but it doesn't mean that you are going to be perfect once your kids are finally in your life. In fact, you're going to be exactly what you always wanted to be - just a normal parent! Question of the Day: What do you think might be different for you as a parent because of your experience with infertility? photo link
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