Women Head to China for Surrogates

We've mentioned here before that international surrogacy is on the rise. Women are heading to other countries to find someone to carry their babies for them because of the high cost of getting a surrogate here in the United States. One of the most popular choices for international surrogates has been India but there seems to be a growing interest in going to China for getting this kind of infertility help. It should be noted that there are several concerns to keep in mind when considering using a surrogate from another country to bring a baby into your family. This is particularly true of China where the act of surrogacy isn't even exactly legal. According to a report in The China Digital Times, "China's Ministry of Health banned medical institutions from assisting in surrogate motherhood in 2001". It doesn't specifically ban the act of linking together people seeking surrogates with women wanting to be surrogates and reportedly the country turns a blind eye to the fact that it's going on but it's not really an above-board activity either. Additionally, it's always a wise choice to get medical procedures done through a doctor located near you. This allows you to be close to your family and friends during a time when you really need that type of emotional support system. It also helps make sure that you're going to be able to have easy access to your doctor should problems arise. Question of the Day: Would you consider international surrogacy as a solution to infertility?

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