Women Lie About Infertility

Have you gotten into watching that television show called The Moment of Truth? If so, you might have asked yourself whether or not you've be able to tell the whole truth about your life on national television. And even if not, you might want to consider asking yourself whether you regularly tell lies about important things in your life, such as your situation with infertility. A news report indicates that women really don't have much problem telling lies (or "fibs"), at least not in comparison with their male counterparts. The report shares the results of a study which shows that the number one thing that women lie about is the amount of money that they spend. Down the line, it's also noted that women lie about motherhood in general and infertility specifically. Women lie for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it's to save face. Sometimes it's because they just don't want to talk about it. Infertility is a really close-to-the-heart issue and a woman may lie about it because she doesn't feel that it's any business of the person she's talking with. Question of the Day: Would you lie about infertility? photo link
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