Church Member Donates Womb To Assist Family

Surrogacy has been all over the news lately because of the fact that the surrogacy movie Baby Mama has gained attention in mainstream movie theaters. However, most people who are actually dealing with surrogacy don't experience it the way that it happens in the movies. In fact, some cases out there are even more magical than you'd expect to see in a movie. For example, there's a case in Michigan of a woman in her late twenties who was unable to have children due to health concerns that arose after her first baby was born. She and her husband wanted to have more kids and spent a lot of time in church praying. Another woman from the church, someone in her mid-forties, said that she felt like she wanted to do more than just pray. She offered up her womb as the surroate mom for this family. The situation worked out well through the assistance of an infertility treatment doctor who oversaw the transaction. The parents are happy to have a new baby in the family and the surrogate mom is happy that she could help. Question of the Day: Do you think you are more likely to find a volunteer surrogate if you're involved with a local church than if you're not? photo link
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