IVF Specialties Could Cause Tubal Ligation Reversal to Disappear

The majority of fertility doctors working in the field today are focused on the important art of in vitro fertilization as well as the emerging medical advances that are on the cutting edge of infertility treatment. As a result, some of the more tried-and-true procedures are not being done as often. This has caused concerns that certain treatments, such as tubal ligation reversal, could become a "lost art" which only older doctors are able to perform. This is definitely a niche area but it's an improtant one; women who have had their tubes tied and who then want to reverse the procedure to have children should have options. In response to these concerns, some medical centers are setting up programs specifically to train doctors in a focus like tubal ligation reversal. It is definitely important for a majority of new doctors to be focused on the current and emerging treatments in infertility. It is these treatments which are going to create the most positive change for people dealing with fertility problems today and in the years to come. However, it shouldn't happen at the expense of continuing previuos treatments which remain beneficial to a small portion of the population. Question of the Day: Should money be devoted to programs like those intended to restore the lost art of tubal ligation reversal? photo link
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