Surrogacy in the Movies Isn't Factual

Surrogacy is a topic which was under the table for a long time. That has changed with the recent release of the movie Baby Mama which hit the mainstream movie-going market and got people talking (and laughing) about what surrogacy is all about. Most people already know that what happens in the movies isn't what happens in real life. But there are questions coming up for people about surrogacy as a result of the movie. The problem is probably that most people are uninformed about the basics of surrogacy. Because it's something that we haven't talked about openly an extensively in the past, people just don't know the facts. This makes it easy to misinterpret the information in a movie and to make false assumptions as a result of it. That wouldn't happen if surrogacy was something we all understood and could easily point out mistakes about when we see it on film. The release of the movie marks an important milestone for surrogacy because it's getting people talking about the issue. However, it requires follow-up from education about surrogacy that provies facts pointing out the ways in which the movie differs from real life. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Is a comedic movie about a topic like surrogacy a good way to introduce it to a general public? photo link
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