Why Sex Selection Isn't a Common Procedure

Being able to select the gender of your baby is a choice that you have available to you when you get fertility treatments but it's not an option that many couples go ahead and take. There are several reasons for this which you might want to think about as you determine whether or not this is something that you would like to do. Reasons that people avoid sex selection: - Religious beliefs. Some people believe that it goes against their religion to do the "will of God" by choosing the sex of the baby at the time of fertility treatments. - Controversy. Even those people who don't cite religious reasons sometimes say that they think it's wrong for some reason to choose to do this. - Cost. The most common reason may be because it adds a significant amount of money to the total cost of the procedure and most people don't have a burning desire to choose one sex or the other to the point where they're willing to pay the money. Despite the reasons against this procedure, some couples do find that this is something that they want to do. There may be controversy but it's perfectly within the law - and is one of your available options - if it's something that you'd be interested in. Ask a doctor more about it to learn the details. Question of the Day: Do you have an interest in PGD and Sex Selection? photo link
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