Why We Care About Celebrity Infertility

There is a topic that tends to come up a lot in two very different circles of people - the topic of celebrity infertility. There is one group of people who discusses this that may or may not be interested in fertility issues in general but which is comprised of people interested in celebrity gossip. There is another group of people who discusses this that is interested specifically in issues of infertility and that includes celebrity infertility. What is interesting is that the same stories may be of interest to each of these two groups for strikingly different reasons. People who are interested in celebrity gossip are typically interested in learning about the problems that celebrities are having. They want to know that celebrities are human just like the rest of us. To learn about a celebrity getting arrested or making a stupid choice in a relationship or struggling with issues of infertility helps this group of people feel a little better about themselves. Therefore, it is the fact that infertility is a sad thing for celebrities that makes celebrity infertility an interesting topic. In contrast, people who are interested in infertility issues specifically will look a celebrities with infertility problems as role models for overcoming something difficult. Rather than feeling that these stars are reduced to being human, these people are held up as icons of the ability to struggle through difficult things and to survive in spite of being in the public eye. Question of the Day: What compels people to be interested in celebrity infertility issues?

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