Stress Causes Woman To Sue Over Delays in Infertility Treatment

There is a woman in the UK who is threatening to sue her fertility treatment doctor because of the fact that her treatments took longer than she had anticipated. Basically what happened was that a couple went in to get treatment for infertility because the male in the relationship was having sperm issues. The issues took time to resolve through appropriate treatment. By the time that they had been resolved, the woman had aged and she was now having problems with fertility. In the end, the couple ended up deciding to go to a neighboring country and to use a surrogate to have a child. They are about to have their baby after waiting for more than five years. But now the woman is saying that she is afraid that she won't be able to love this baby as much as she should because the child isn't genetically linked to her. And she is saying that she thinks that she should sue the fertility treatment doctor because of the delay. The fact of the matter is that fertility treatments sometimes take a long time (although they take much longer in the UK than in the U.S. most of the time). This woman is most likely having a highly emotional reaction to the long delays and the issues that come up for a woman who is using a surrogate to start her family. But is a lawsuit really the answer? Most people would say no. Question of the Day: Should a woman sue her infertility treatment doctor for delays in the treatment? photo link
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