Celebrity Infertility Issues: Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan is a male celebrity who you probably know best from his role as Bree's husband on the show Desperate Housewives. Although his own wife (Project Runway executive producer Desiree Gruber) is no Desperate Housewife, the couple has certainly had their problems in the recent past. One of those problems was a struggle with infertility. The issues that came up for the couple were not the typical ones that you hear about when you are discussing fertility problems. One of the issues was that Desiree suffers from thrombophilia, a medical problem in which blood clots form so easily that she needed to inject herself with blood thinners on a daily basis. These medical issues along with the couple's advancing age (although they are by no means old - they are in their forties - they're also not in the prime for conceiving a child) made it difficult to get pregnant. With the help of specialists, they did successfully conceive and now have a seven-week old son. Question of the Day: What other medical conditions do you know of that can lead to problems with fertility? photo link
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