Learning about Cryopreservation from Animals

Cryopreservation (better known as egg freezing) is rapidly becoming a viable way for someone to protect their ability to have children even when their bodies have to undergo disease treatment (such as that for ovarian cancer) which would otherwise render them infertile. This is a relatively new field that is just starting to get popular and therefore there is still a lot to be learned about the topic. Some people are suggesting that perhaps doctors and researchers studying this area of fertility treatment should consider learning something from the animal population. More specifically, it is believed that the cryopreservation techniques used in farming and in reducing endagerment of species could be useful to teaching us something about how to improve cryopreservation for humans. To date, these two areas of cryopreservation have been kept mostly separate. However, a recent workshop on the topic has led more people to believe that the animal world and the human world could learn a lot from one another in order to improve the cryopreservation techniques for both sides. Question of the Day: Should cryopreservation for humans be studied with an eye towards the same procedure in animals? photo link
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