Link Between Appetite Gene and Infertility

Most people know that there is some relationship between a woman's dietary healthfulness and her fertility level. A woman who is severely underweight or severely overweight will be more likely to suffer from fertility problems because the body doesn't feel that it is fit to carry and birth a child. A new study has found that there is a specific gene which may be related to both fertility levels and appetite. This link could lead to improved medical treatment for women dealing with fertility related to problems with this gene. What the study discovering this link found is that there is a hormone called leptin which informs the brain as to how properly-fed the body may be. There is a gene that can cause the information from leptin to be incorrect. Therefore, the body believes that it is not properly fed even when it is. This can lead to weight problems including obesity and it may also lead to problems with fertility that result from the body's confusion about its own ability to carry a baby. The study is in its preliminary stages and has currently only been conducted on mice so it is unclear at this time whether or not the information will ultimately have an impact on the treatment of infertility. However, it could be one area of medicine that deals with treating fertility problems in a niche group of women suffering from this type of infertility. Question of the Day: Are appetite and infertility linked through our genes? photo link
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