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Thursday, December 18, 2008
Taxpayers Funding IVF Treatments

Australian taxpayers are paying for older women (55+) to have free In Vitro Fertilization treatments. In just four years millions have been spent on Medicare bills for women over 40 having infertility treatments across Australia. As women begin to delay child-birth, more money is necessary to fund fertility, because with older ages comes lesser chances of successful births.

The Herald Sun reported today about the findings,
"The Daily Telegraph's investigation found in 2007-08 there were 55,055 services provided to women under the IVF Assisted Reproductive Services scheme. Women aged 40 received $11,033,997 but the figures also reveal an unknown number of women aged 55 and beyond received $9246."

It leads physicians and many people wondering, are we causing serious problems by delaying the child-bearing years? Do our career choices negatively impact taxpayers money and fertility treatments?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
JLo and Fertility

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is returning to the silver screen to star in a film based on fertility. In the film Plan B, Lopez tries artificial insemination (In Vitro Fertilization). The film causing a stir in Hollywood because this will be Lopez's first film back since the birth of her child. Tabloids and entertainment reporters hounded the star and her husband for years about their alleged infertility issues. However, Lopez has never admitted to having any sort of fertility treatments, in fact she has said she had a natural birth.

Many celebrities like Cindy Margolis and Brooke Shields have come out advocating fertility treatments and openly discussing thier plight to have a successful birth.
Monday, December 15, 2008
Fertility Advocacy

We all know Brooke Shields is famous. For years she's flooding our airwaves and hearts with films and television shows, but now Shields is taking on a new endeavour – promoting fertility treatments. Shields is our new-aged feminist fertility advocate, being a woman who underwent a number of fertility treatments she says she knows the pain and torment associated with trying to successfully conceive. A few years prior to marrying her husband Chris Henchy, she found out she had pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, causing some unwanted and bothersome fertility problems.

For nearly a year Shields and Henchy tried to conceive naturally, but since Brooke was 36 her doctor advised them to seek infertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After endless months of treatment the couple ultimately had a miscarriage. It wasn't until a while later that they conceived. So the star-studded duo are making their story known and advocating infertile couples to seek out treatment.

Monday, December 08, 2008
Secondhand Smoke Dangers
If you're looking for another reason or motivation to quit smoking read on. Scientists at the University of Rochester may have found a dangerous link between women exposed to secondhand smoke and infertility issues. Women exposed to secondhand smoke either has women or children are nearly two times more susceptible to fertility problems like miscarriage.

Science Daily released a report saying,
"An epidemiologic analysis of more than 4,800 non-smoking women showed those who were exposed to second hand smoke six or more hours per day as children and adults faced a 68 percent greater chance of having difficulty getting pregnant and suffering one or more miscarriages."

Of the nearly 5,000 women surveyed nearly all had at one point in time been highly exposed to smoking, while half of the women said they grew up in households where at least one parent was a smoker. Of these women, more than 40% had problems getting conceiving naturally. So if you're facing infertility complications and you or your significant other smoke, you may want to consider quitting.

Monday, December 01, 2008
Hope for HIV Positive Couples
Africa has long been plagued with AIDS, little medical treatments, lack financial help and awareness. For years the disease has spread wildly throughout pats of South Africa, but today the Herald Tribune is reporting that fertility clinics in Cape Town may be bringing hope to couples ravaged with HIV. Such couples may now have the opportunity and means to have a healthy baby, because clinics are allowing for the treatment of couples with AIDS/HIV.

The Tribune article enthusiastically reported,
"The Cape Fertility Clinic is the first in Africa to open a laboratory for HIV-positive patients, enabling them to conceive and give birth to HIV-negative babies by using procedures such as in-vitro fertilization."

The Clinics Director said,
"HIV is no longer seen as a death sentence but a chronic disease. And people with chronic diseases are entitled to have fertility treatment. We can safely deliver an HIV negative child and, with the right treatment, the parent can live a long life."

Although such new rules shed light on the epidemic in Africa and bring hope for millions struggling to cope with the treacherous disease, only a lucky few have the luxury of receiving such treatments. Cost is a huge factor, the procedures are pricey and a small number of people have the financial means to undertake such financial feats. However, Africa and it's many charitable supporters are hoping to protect children from being born unhealthy, especially since the numbers of newborn children with AIDS has reportedly tripled in recent years.


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