Limiting Numbers of Children with IVF

In_vitro_fertilization_fertility_blog_Feb2009.jpg In lieu of the recent octuplets born in Southern California, many fertility researchers and experts have administered a number of studies. Data shows that, couples not worried about costs of In Vitro Fertalization, can actually find a way to limit and decrease the chances of multiple births. A fertility clinic in Rockville, Maryland - Shady Grove Fertility Dr. Stillman has said, "...that many patients who undergo IVF at Shady Grove Fertility Center and who are good candidates for eSET request that only a single embryo be transferred back to the their uterus. If you can transfer one single embryo, without compromising pregnancy rates, then you can even minimize the risk of a twin pregnancy." The press release and data also shows that Shady Grove and this eSET request have low rates of triplets among IVF patients. Which is promising in an economic climate where multiple children may be quite costly to afford. The woman who now has 14 children (a set of octuplets and 6 other kids) would have served perfectly for this case.
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