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male_infertility_treatment_fertility_blog_Apr09.jpg Although we typically correlate infertility issues and treatments to women, a large number of men struggle with infertility and in recent years male fertility has come to the forefront of research and headlines. In fact male fertility research has spanned to Egypt were researchers have found that a hormone antioxidant treatment may aid in boosting sperm count. Forbes reported on this new study saying, "The research included 60 men eligible for infertility treatment. They were randomly selected to take either the combination treatment of clomiphene citrate and vitamin E or a placebo for six months. By the end of the study, their partner's pregnancy rate was about 37 percent among men who'd taken the combination therapy, compared with 13 percent for those in the placebo group. The men in the treatment group also had a greater increase in sperm concentration and an improvement in sperm progression, the Cairo University researchers found." Although the results of the study and experiment are promising and positive it is still a small study that is only in it's preliminary stages, much more research must be done before anything can be proven.
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